10 Vastu Guidelines for Cultivating Positivity and Prosperity

Vastu, a practice centered around aligning the natural elements, holds significance in arranging spaces for attracting positive energies, fostering prosperity, growth, and happiness. Nalin Sachdeva, Founder of Vasturaah and a Vastu expert, offers essential guidelines for constructing a harmonious home.

  1. Place a tulsi plant at your entrance for its revered association with Lord Vishnu and its positive, medicinal attributes. Tulsi absorbs negativity and amplifies positive energy. Optimum placement is in the east, or alternatively, by a window facing north or northeast.
  2. Avoid open shoe racks at the entrance to prevent the influx of negative energy, disrupting harmony. Ideal locations for shoe racks are the west or southwest, while avoiding the north, southeast, and east directions.
  3. Sleeping with the head towards the North disrupts sleep patterns and can lead to health issues due to the magnetic field’s influence. Align your head away from the North while sleeping.
  4. Maintain larger doors and windows in the north and east, contrasting with those in the south and west. Avoid windows in the southwest direction for balance.
  5. Ensure functional wall clocks placed on the east, west, or north walls to invite new opportunities and facilitate smooth functioning. Avoid green wall clocks to prevent potential opportunity loss.
  6. Opt for heavy furniture on the south and west walls, while light furniture suits the north and east walls. Wooden furniture is preferable due to minimal gas emission compared to plastic counterparts. Avoid metal furniture generating electromagnetic fields fostering negativity.
  7. A clean, shiny nameplate not only reflects a good lifestyle but also attracts opportunities, creating a positive first impression.
  8. The main door serves as an entry point for energy; make it prominent, larger than other doors, ideally made of wood, and positioned in the north, northeast, east, or west for auspiciousness.
  9. Ensure the Brahmasthan (center) remains obstruction-free—devoid of pillars, beams, or heavy loads—for prosperity, as disruptions here may lead to wealth and health depletion.
  10. Maintain an open, light northeast area, the origin of positive energies, contrasting with a heavy, closed southwest. Create higher and thicker south and west walls compared to those in the north and east for optimal energy balance.”
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