Vastu Tips for Harmonious Toilets: Simple Remedies for Home

According to the ancient science of Vastu, the direction in which your toilet sits can impact the energy flow in your home. Astrologer Parduman offers an easy remedy that you can implement within your home to address any Vastu dosh or imbalances.

What You Need

  • Red Colour Tape for the South Direction Seat
  • Red Colour Tape for the South-East Direction Sea
  • Yellow Colour Tape for the South-West Direction Seat
  • Green Colour Tape for the East Direction Seat
  • Blue Colour Tape for the North Direction Seat
  • Removal of Seat for North-East Direction

Implementation of Remedies

1. South Direction Seat: Apply a strip of red color tape on the seat in the south direction of your toilet area.

2. South-East Direction Seat: Use another red color tape to mark the seat in the south-east direction.

3. South-West Direction Seat: Affix a strip of yellow color tape on the seat that faces the south-west direction.

4. East Direction Seat: Apply green color tape on the seat situated towards the east direction.

5. North Direction Seat: Use blue color tape to mark the seat in the north direction of your toilet.

6. North-East Direction Seat: As per the advice, the remedy for this direction involves the removal of the seat altogether.

These simple steps are meant to harmonize the energy flow in your home by aligning the toilet seats with specific directions as per Vastu principles. By incorporating these color-coded remedies, you aim to balance the energies in the respective directions, creating a more positive environment.

Important Note

While these remedies are suggested by Astrologer Parduman as a free Vastu dosh nivaran (remedy), it’s crucial to understand that Vastu remedies are based on beliefs and traditional practices. Results may vary, and it’s always advisable to seek professional advice if needed.

By incorporating these straightforward remedies within your home, you are taking a step towards aligning energies as per Vastu principles. Remember, these practices are simple and can be easily done within your household, promoting a sense of balance and harmony in your living space.

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