The Impact of Rahu: Effective Remedies to Counter its Adverse Effects

Rahu and Ketu, distinct from the visible planets in our solar system, aren’t substantial celestial bodies but are referred to as shadowy planets due to their intangible nature. In the astrological realm, Rahu holds significant sway over human lives, particularly in Kaliyug, influencing various dimensions.

Understanding Rahu’s Effects in Different Houses & Corresponding Remedies:
1. Rahu in 1st House: Indicates elevation beyond qualifications and favorable outcomes from government associations. The native should avoid receiving electric items, blue, or black clothing from in-laws to prevent adverse impacts on their son.
– Remedies: Wear a silver ornament around the neck. Flow coconut in running water.

2. Rahu in 2nd House: Foretells wealth, status, and a regal life. Malefic influence leads to deprivation, poor family life, and intestinal issues.
– Remedies: Wear gold, yellow cloth, saffron, etc. Maintain a harmonious relationship with the mother.

3. Rahu in 3rd House: Indicates prosperity, long life, courage, and loyal friendships. Malefic effects might involve misuse of money by siblings and relatives.
– Remedies: Avoid keeping ivory or ivory-based items at home.

4. Rahu in 4th House: When benefic, it signifies intelligence, wealth, and philanthropy. Remedies include wearing silver and offering almonds in flowing water.

5. Rahu in 5th House: A benefic Rahu here leads to richness, intelligence, good health, and financial stability. Remedies involve keeping a silver elephant and abstaining from certain indulgences.

6. Rahu in 6th House: Rahu’s influence is positive, providing relief from worries. Native spends on clothing. Remedies include keeping a black dog at home and carrying a lead nail.

7. Rahu in 7th House: Wealth for the native but possible poverty for the spouse. Remedies involve specific marriage timings and offerings in a river.

8. Rahu in 8th House: Generally malefic, leading to unnecessary spending and family disturbances. Remedies include carrying a silver piece and using Saunf while sleeping.

9. Rahu in 9th House: Influences Jupiter; good relations with siblings are favorable for the native. Remedies include using saffron Tilak and wearing gold.

10. Rahu in 10th House: Indicates Raja Yoga but malefic influence may impact the mother or the native’s health. Remedies involve specific clothing choices.

11. Rahu in 11th House: Wealth potential as long as the father is alive. However, it can lead to problematic friendships. Malefic effects might strain relations with the father.
– Remedies: Use a silver glass for drinking water.

12. Rahu in 12th House: Brings psychological troubles, excessive spending on female relatives, and false accusations. Remedies include using Saunf and sugar under the pillow.

In conclusion, while Rahu’s influence is often perceived as adverse, experts highlight its potential positive impacts. Individuals experiencing harsh effects can employ suggested remedies to mitigate and lead a more comfortable life.

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