Easy and Effective Astrological Remedies for Different Planets

Astrology, a timeless discipline, offers a fascinating lens through which individuals seek to understand the influences of celestial bodies on human life. Central to this cosmic tapestry are the planets, each believed to govern specific aspects of our existence. Astrologer Parduman shares insightful remedies believed to harmonize with these planetary energies, offering a deeper connection to the cosmic forces at play.

The Sun
Representing vitality and strength, remedies associated with the Sun aim to boost confidence and power. Drinking water from copper utensils is believed to align one with the Sun’s energy. Additionally, consuming cardamom (ilaichi) and carrying a red handkerchief are suggested practices.

The Moon
The Moon symbolizes emotions and intuition. Remedies to enhance its influence include using silver utensils, donning white clothes to connect with the Moon’s purity, and carrying a white handkerchief to attune oneself with its serene energies.

Known for its fiery and assertive energy, Mars is linked to courage and vigor. Remedies include using copper utensils, wearing red-toned clothes to resonate with its passionate nature, carrying a red handkerchief, and applying a tilak/tika of red sandalwood for added strength.

Mercury governs intellect and communication. To align with its influence, wearing green clothes is suggested. Carrying a green handkerchief and using ivory utensils are believed to channel Mercury’s balanced and communicative energy.

Considered the planet of wisdom and expansion, Jupiter’s remedies focus on prosperity. Wearing yellow clothes signifies alignment with Jupiter’s abundance. Carrying a yellow handkerchief and adorning oneself with a garland of yellow flowers are recommended to invite its positive influence.

Representing love and beauty, Venus-inspired remedies aim to foster harmony. Wearing white clothes symbolizes purity and connection to Venus. Carrying a white handkerchief, adorning with a garland of white flowers, and using silverware are believed to amplify its serene energies.

Linked with discipline and challenges, Saturn’s remedies aim to manage its influences. Wearing black clothes signifies resilience and discipline. Carrying a black handkerchief and contributing black articles in charity are recommended to balance Saturn’s effects.

Rahu & Ketu
As enigmatic shadow planets associated with karmic forces, remedies for Rahu and Ketu focus on balancing their energies. Wearing black clothes, using a black blanket, carrying a black handkerchief, sporting a black wrist-watch strap, and applying surma (kohl) in the eyes are suggested practices.

Astrology, as a tool for guidance and self-reflection, provides a framework for understanding the interconnectedness between cosmic energies and human experiences. Whether one embraces these remedies or not, exploring astrology can foster a deeper connection with the universe and offer insights into the mysteries of life’s journey.

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