Gemstones are often associated with certain planets in astrology, believed to influence the wearer positively. Here are some gemstone recommendations based on planetary associations:

  1. Sun (Surya): Ruby is often recommended for the Sun. It’s believed to enhance confidence, vitality, and leadership qualities.

  2. Moon (Chandra): Pearl is associated with the Moon. It’s thought to promote calmness, emotional balance, and intuition.

  3. Mars (Mangal): Red Coral is connected to Mars. It’s believed to enhance energy, courage, and strength.

  4. Mercury (Budha): Emerald is associated with Mercury. It’s said to improve communication, intelligence, and analytical abilities.

  5. Jupiter (Brihaspati): Yellow Sapphire is often recommended for Jupiter. It’s believed to bring wisdom, prosperity, and good fortune.

  6. Venus (Shukra): Diamond is associated with Venus. It’s thought to enhance love, beauty, and relationships.

  7. Saturn (Shani): Blue Sapphire is connected to Saturn. It’s believed to bring discipline, focus, and stability.

  8. Rahu: Hessonite Garnet or Gomed is associated with Rahu. It’s believed to protect against negative energies and promote clarity of thought.

  9. Ketu: Cat’s Eye or Chrysoberyl is associated with Ketu. It’s thought to bring spiritual growth and protection.

However, please note that the effectiveness of gemstones as per astrology is a matter of belief and might not have scientific backing. It’s advisable to consult with a qualified astrologer or gemologist before making decisions about wearing gemstones for astrological purposes.

Free Gemstone recommendation by Astrologer Parduman

Gemstone Planet
Blue Sapphire Blue Sapphire ( नीलम )

Saturn ( शनि )

Yellow Sapphire Yellow Sapphire ( पुखराज )

Jupiter ( गुरु )

Emerald Emerald ( पन्ना )

Mercury ( बुध )

Ruby Ruby ( माणिक्य )

Sun ( सूर्य )

Pearl Pearl

Moon ( चन्द्र )

Opal Opal

Venus ( शुक्र )

Red Coral Red Coral ( मूंगा )

Mars ( मंगल )

cat's eye Cat’s Eye ( लहसुनिया )

Ketu ( केतु )

gomed Hessonite ( गोमेध )

Rahu ( राहू )

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